Sameer Pradhan

I was born and raised in Bradford Pennsylvania. My father is from India and moved to here practice medicine in the 70s. He met my mother during his residency at hospital in the Philadelphia area. They moved to Bradford to establish a family. I moved to Erie in 2002 to attend Penn State Behrend. I spent a few years in college deciding on a path, but I eventually graduated from the University of Pittsburgh at Bradford with a degree in environmental studies. After graduation I moved back to Erie to establish my life.

In the beginning, there was only part time work. Full time work was hard to find back then so I was happy to land a job at the humane society working with the dogs about 30 hours a week. That lasted over 3 years before I randomly saw an ad in the Erie Times for a pest control technician at Ehrlich Pest Control. Although exterminating had never crossed my mind, I thought this might be the perfect opportunity. After a long application process, they offered me the position and I quickly fell in the love with the work.

Several years into the job and I knew I could not keep up with the demands of the corporate-run world of pest control. I still loved the job, but I couldn’t run a route 10 hours a day with no breaks. I planned to get out. I had no kids, a cheap mortgage, and money saved up.

My low overhead now becomes your gain. I am fully operational with my own pest control company, and I am so happy I made that leap of faith. You have the benefit of receiving world class service at the best rates in the industry. Please call or text me today with any questions regarding my services. Thank you!

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